Canadian-American Chamber of Commerce

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Welcome to the Canadian~American Chamber of Commerce in the North Texas region including the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  Our organization embraces companies, entrepreneurs and investors of Canadian and American origins, looking to foster growth between our two strong nations.  The U.S. and Canada enjoy one of the world’s largest trading blocks while sharing similar business, policy, educational and recreational interests.

Mission Statement

The Canadian~American Chamber of Commerce supports, educates, promotes and encourages Canada interested businesses in the region.  We strive to provide informational resources relevant to foreign direct investment, bilateral trade, relocation, and networking opportunities that foster growing interest in our mission.  We seek established and establishing businesses, with cross-cultural and language exchange opportunities within business environment.

Value Statement

The Canadian~American Chamber of Commerce commits to three core values: Community, Connections and Canadian.  As responsible residents of the Dallas / Fort Worth area, we strive to act as responsible citizens within our communities.  We work to build and grow our business networks and interests by participating in various activities around the area that foster growth and goodwill.  We strive to make and share connections for the purposes of growing friendships, alliances and businesses within the Dallas / Fort Worth area, greater Texas and north of the border.  We work to connect at business mixers, expos and other networking events provided throughout the calendar year.  Last, we firmly believe in sharing our Canadian heritage whether we are from the Pacific Coast, Prairie Provinces, Central Canada, Maritime Provinces or one of the Territories.  Our common background binds us together and we gladly share that heritage with our neighbors and friends.

Tell us about your needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

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