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Mitsubishi i – It’s 100% electric

In a world preoccupied with eco and bio friendly products, the Mitsubishi ‘i’-car joins the arena of sustainable products as an alternative to gasoline dependant transportation.  While range remains short for serious consumers of the ‘i’, advances in recharge technology provide two options for repowering the car.

Many hotels, government offices and shopping centers rolled out plans for recharging stations for their visitors.  Recently, the City of Irving announced plans to install several charging stations at key city offices, while Kroger provides stations/parking spaces designated for fully electric cars to recharge.

Don Herring, Jr of Don Herring Mitsubishi in Irving says the car provides great economic incentive to drive one away.  Not only does the government provide a handsome tax break but the filling costs per year, comparing electric to gas, amounts to a fraction of the price plus the battery holds a 5 yr / 100,000 mile warranty (dealer can provide details).

Visit Don Herring Mitsubishi for a test drive and see for yourself if the ‘i’ presents a viable option for your transportation needs.

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