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Where to go for Canadian Passport pictures in Dallas

Universal Passport & Visa Provides Canadian Passport Photos that are Quick, Professional & Secure
With over 30 years of experience, Cathy Stroud, CACC member and owner of Universal Passports & Visas maintains relationships with the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Passport Agencies, and Foreign Embassies and Consulates, allowing UPV to submit travel documents on your behalf, saving you time and hassle. There is no need to wait in lines at Embassies, Consulates or the Passport Agency with the help of Universal Passports & Visas.

A travel document specialists will:

  • Assist you with your travel visa or passport application
  • Hand deliver your documents to the appropriate governmental agency
  • Quickly get your documents back in your hands

Universal Passports & Visas provides outstanding customer service and helps you with your travel document needs. Please contact them and let Universal Passport and Visa take care of your documents so that you spend that time preparing for your trip.


  1. Nathan says:

    If you really want to go to a local place in DFW to get your Canadian Passport photos, there is only one place to go – Affordable Photo / APV Studios in Irving Texas. I’m so glad my other Canadian contacts told me about them. You can read the reviews here for yourself:


    Insider Pages:

    Yahoo! Local:

    • Good info Nathan. Glad there’s a good option for people in need of passport services. We strictly endorse members and Universal Passport joined our organization two years ago. So thank you again for the shout out and Affordable sounds like a good place to go.

  2. Deb says:

    it’s a ridiculous distance to go for passport photos for those of us who don’t live in Irving – just discovered Cooters in Highland Park is closed, that was a great place to get approved Canadian pspt phtos. Does anyone know of other places in North Dallas to get this done? It’s absurd that with so many Canadians here, it should be such a pain to get acceptable photos for passport renewal

    • While I realize that specialty services such as Canadian passport photo’s may be inconvenient for some of our members, I can only recommend photographers that actually meet the requirements of the Canadian government. I will not recommend any passport photo company that does not comply nor meets the standards expressed by the guidelines of the passport office in Canada. To do so could result in our member’s passports being delayed by several weeks.

    • DC says:

      Just did my Canadian passport photo today at APV in Irving and I can say the manager is an expert in taking passport photos. He pretty much has all the Canadian photo guidelines memorized, but just in case, after processing the photos and trimmed, he will take time to measure the photo and compare it with the application guidelines! The developing process only takes 10 min. and the result is well worth the drive from Frisco.

  3. Derek C says:

    This is simply the best place to get Canadian passport photos taken! The owner does this everyday and he pretty much has all the photo guidelines memorized. But just in case, after the development of the photos (which only takes about 10 min), he will measure the photo dimensions with you; for mine, he got the dimensions exactly. Plus the photo quality is much better than getting it at Walgreens or CVS. Highly recommend!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Passport pictures for Canadians best place if you live in Plano, Richardson or surrounding areas..

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