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Marketing and Promotional Items – Easy & Affordable

Irving, TX

Lasting impressions aid sales and marketing representatives to create vast networks associated with their work.  An image, impressed upon the minds of their current clients and prospective clients alike, bolsters their company’s brand and market indentity.

Don Kleppe, with Step Up Promotions, takes the guess work out of finding the right marketing leave behinds and assists you in your marketing strategies.  Do you want relevant marketing items? Do you wish to create a statement with your leave behind? Set yourself a part and create a memory for your new and old clients a like.

Don provides a weekly newsletter that outlines his specials on everything from pop-up banners to clothing, pens and calculators to special order bags and accessories.  The Canadian-American Chamber uses Don’s products for our golf tournaments as gifts for our golfers.  Put Don to work for you.

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