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Follow your passion

Irving, TX

Sales and marketing come easy whey you follow your passion.  In today’s market, many businesses fail because somewhere along the line they departed from the aspect of their business which gave them the most enjoyment.  Much of that enjoyment stems from their natural attraction to their profession in pursuit of something which promises more and delivers little.

Successful businesses and business people use their passion to become experts in specialized knowledge.  Consider a doctor or lawyer who finishes school, passes the appropriate boards, then moves into areas of speciality which distinguishes them as experts within their chosen field.  Jennifer Bagley, SEO expert and friend, talks about the concept of business chasing the provider.  Think about this word picture, when you become an expert, you automatically set yourself apart from the normal and everyday.  And when that happens, business begins to chase you.

Becoming an expert takes discipline, dedication and desire.  Those attributes separate the average from the outstanding and when we attain outstanding, business will pursue us.  Think about it, your business chases you rather than you chasing business.  To get there, your pathway to being an expert takes one more vital ingredient – your passion.

Passion is what you bring to the table.  Passion moves you through difficult times and hard learning curves.  Passion comforts you when others around you tell you to give in or give up.  Passion, when ignited, becomes a flame for others to see and a star for others to set their course by.  I urge you to tie into your passion and bring it with you in everything you do and watch life begin to chase you.

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