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Fiscal Cliff will affect your 2013

Irving, TX

The fiscal cliff looms large on the horizon for 2013, yet economists debate on the timing of the impact.  Some argue the slowdown affects the economy now and others state that the impacts come later in the year.  Smart investors already show signs of preparing for news that taxes and spending cuts long expected will be emininent.

This raises the question about network marketing and chambers, their impact on your ability to see earnings even in economic down-turns and their ability to provide an economic oasis to continue to see your business flourish and grow.

The question most members ask of a chamber is “what can the chamber do for me?’  While a fair question, most people, members or guests come to chambers looking to close business right there.  Most of us do not do business this way, yet we make the same steps to single out prospective buyers.  So, what CAN a chamber do for you?  It can provide a platform for you to grow your network, find potential business opportunities and provide a framework for you to work your marketing and business plan.

The question most members should be asking is “how can I partner with the chamber to provide needed goods or services while helping others in the chamber grow their business?”  While ultruistic on the surface, most of us do business with those upon whom we rely and can count on for results.  Many go to chamber events looking for business cards, make a promise to call or set an appointment then do not follow through.  Think about the last time someone did not follow through with you.  Did this affect your opinion on whether you could depend on them to deliver?  Probably.

So, here is where I’m asking you about what you’re thinking in the subject of the fiscal cliff and would like to hear some input from you on what would help your business.  Please write about your business plan or what you think the chamber could help you accomplish.

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