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Remembering the Heros of 9-11

Irving, TX

Today we remember the heroes of 9-11-01.  To the fallen, who inspired us to renew our hope for a better world, and to the countless rescue workers who put themselves in harm’s way while searching for survivors.  To those left behind by their loved ones for allowing us to comfort and support you during your pain and loss.  To those who volunteered countless hours and other resources to those who searched.

The world changed on 9-11-01 where the security we took for granted shattered on that morning.  Trust suffered that day yet hope flourished.  Security hung in the balance as we turned our attention to vindicating our fallen, yet our faith did not crumble or fall.  Rescue came not only from the local firefighters and police, but from around the cities and towns of America and around the globe.  Canadian firefighters and law enforcement officers joined the NYPD and NYFD over the weeks that followed during their off hours, only to return to work their own shifts back home.

That morning, North Americans focused on TV sets and radios, waiting to hear more about the horror we experienced that day.  President Bush calmly promised the nation that America would not fold in the wake of such a monumental tragedy.  Today we remember the event which greatly changed our landscape but not our character.  We remember all the heroes of 9-11 with reverence.

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