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Canada Day Golf Tournament 2015

The Canada Day Golf Tournament held at Bear Creek was blessed by great whether, spectacular putts and very near whole-in-one. The winning team, Rowe, Bubale, Henry and Hayer won with a recorded low, low score of 61.winning team

Second place team, Smith, Bishop and Strong, recorded 64. Right behind second place finish with 65 was the Donner party, Gamble, Bellarteon, and Donner. Dr. Leon won longest drive

The Donner team was overheard to have said they were all looking forward to lunch after the game. Good thing we gave them breakfast.

The longest drive winner was won by a Dr. Leon. His shot won by a mere 12 inches.

Ryan won closet to the pinRyan drive won him closest to the pin. He shot nearly won him a car too since he was only a couple of feet from a whole-in-one. Maybe near year Ryan?

There were many great shots throughout the tournament but the longest putt caught on video was Chris, Regional Director of Boxx. Check out this amazing putt.

There were claims of similar shots and long drives by other golfers but like fishing stories unless they were captured on video these can neither be confirmed or denied by tournament officials. See more swings, putts and near misses…

WestjetPlease support our wonderful sponsors who made this tournament possible.

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Honorable Mention to:
Four Seasons Resort and Club of Las Colinas
Old American Golf Club
The Tribute Golf Links

Special thanks to our volunteers Ann-Marie and Andre for making this years event a success.

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