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Congratulations to Architectural Bling

Irving, TX

Glynn and Robert Murray

Glynn and Robert Murray

Congratulations to Glynn and Robert Murray, members of the Canadian-American Chamber of Commerce and owners and operators of Architectural Bling, for receiving an award for Best Architectural Element 2014 at the recent American Society of Interior Designers.  The awards were presented at Residences of Stoneleigh on Friday, January 29, 2015.  After only eight months in business, Architectural Bling turns heads in the industry.

Architectural Bling produces moldings for interior design from recycled and recyclable materials.  They also produce crown moldings in sizes unmatched by competitors using traditional materials.  AB also produces products for both the commercial and residential markets and their products can be found in the renovation and construction projects throughout the Dallas area.

For more information on Architectural Bling, visit their website at or visit them in the Dallas Design District.

Introducing Mastermind Mondays with Marc-Andre Gagnon

Irving, TX

Marc-Andre Gagnon headshotThe chamber proudly presents Mastermind Mondays at Fairmont Dallas.  This educational luncheon will kick off the 2015 year and entails a book study of “Becoming a Person of Influence” (book by John C. Maxwell).  The cost is $200 per person and includes breakfast and materials for all four weeks plus one hour of life coaching from Marc-Andre.  Please be prepared to commit to all four weeks as each group will be assigned work outside of the classroom for each week’s module.  Join us in starting the New Year off on the right foot with this timely four week class.


Everyone influences others. You don’t have to be in a high-profile occupation to be an influencer; whenever your life connects with another person, you exert influence. Everything you do—at home, at work, or at play—has an impact on the lives around you. No matter what your goals are in life, you can achieve them faster, you can be more effective, and the contribution you make can be longer lasting if you learn to develop your influence.

Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others, and watch your personal and organizational success go off the charts. Creating positive influence will not only be a catalyst to your own success, it will become the legacy you will leave behind.

What is a Mastermind?

The concept of a mastermind was introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. Hill based Mastermind on the concept that “No two minds ever come together without creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].” In other words, our ability to create things in the world is increased by having that invisible “third mind” of the mastermind group.

Masterminds bring together a group of like-minded people who desire to grow themselves and achieve their goals through the study of a specific set of information and or material usually from one specific book or author. The power of the group combined with the support and ideas from other focused and driven people allows us to see things differently and to get a new perspective on leadership principles, goals and action plans.

Some of the key benefits of Mastermind groups:

  • Increase your expertise, skills and confidence
  • Develop a support network
  • Brainstorm on business and leadership principles
  • Learn from the experience and skills of the other members
  • One hour of life coaching from Marc-Andre

Be sure to get signed up by clicking here.

26 Gather at Savory Bistro for Sunday Brunch

Argyle, TX

Canadians gather at Savory Bistro in Argyle, TX

Canadians gather at Savory Bistro in Argyle, Trgyle, TX

On Sunday, September 28, 26 happy Canadians joined Annette and Glen Doody at their Savory Bistro on 407 in Bartonville, near Lantana, Flower Mound and Argye.  Line Cousineau of LC Hair Designs and Joe Scott of the Canadian-American Chamber of Commerce coordinated this joint event between the Chamber and the Canada Club.

The Doody’s took the opportunity to share their collective love for scratch cooking with locally grown ingredients obtained from the local farmer’s market and meats and fish of the highest quality.  Savory began with the concept of a meals-to-go then soon shifted to be a scratch kitchen.  Guests sitting in the counter area witness the magic of the scratch kitchen as they watch the Doody’s son Neil and wife Jenna assemble their delightful dishes.

For Thanksgiving, Canadians in North Texas enjoy two options for celebrating.  On Sunday, Savory Bistro will present a menu with a Canadian Thanksgiving theme and the Canada Club of North Texas will hold their annual Canadian Thanksgiving Potluck.  Details can be found on Meet Up.  Annual dues for Canada Club of North Texas cot $5 per year.

Golfers, get signed up for our annual fall golf tournament.  To register, visit our website at

Savory Bistro joins the Chamber

Flower Mound, TX

annette sbAnnette and Glen Doody, originally from Newfoundland, established Savory Bistro in August of 2013.  With an executive team of the Doody’s son Neil and his wife Jenna, and their pit master, Nicole Davenport, the Doody’s established a bistro originally designed to be a take away high-end meals.  “Sourcing is everything,” claims Annette as she cheerfully and delightfully educates each guest on her philosophy of food.


Appetizers from July Business Mixer

Appetizers from July Business Mixer

The menu features a seasonality which lends itself to keeping the menu fresh, simple and easy to prepare.  For the take away guest, visitors visit the cooler and pick up simple-to-prepare ‘one dish’ meals, pastas, smoked meats, sides dishes, and soups.  Oh wait, you will want to take a dessert with you.  Most meats are slow roasted at least 12 hours.  The brisket, pulled pork and short ribs feature meats without hormones or preservatives which originate right here in the south.

Annette, Neil and Glen Doody at Savory Business Mixer

Annette, Neil and Glen Doody at Savory Business Mixer

Annette and Glen credit their team with early success and acceptance in their market.   Son Neil and daughter-in-law Jenna provide the foundation for fine meals and presentations while their nationally recognized Pit Master, Nichole placed second in Chopped – Pit Master.  Texas Monthly BBQ interviewed Nichole for her culinary accomplishments.  Flower Mound seems to attract several foodies and Savory hits the spot.  Friday night waits often last 30 minutes but call ahead and get placed on the waiting list.

Welcome Annette and Glen Doody and your Savory team to the Canadian-American Chamber of Commerce.

From What2Why joins the CACC

Irving, TX

The chamber proudly announces that From What2Why, lead by Marc-Andre Gagnon joined the chamber in the Small Business category.  Marc-Andre, skilled executive and personal coach, mentor and leadership teacher, possesses over 30 years of business experience.  He excels in building and leading teams, both domestically and internationally, in markets across North America, Europe and Asia.  His business journey includes living in Europe and Asia for many years, while being driven by a passion for growth and leadership.  He works with growth oriented people, businesses and organizations to help them build the bridge from what and where they are to who they want to become.

As a certified coach, speaker and leadership teacher in the John Maxwell Team, he delivers a wide variety of John Maxwell’s leadership and personal development programs to individuals and organizations.

Enabling a transformation and growth journey.
Strategic and personal goals setting.
Plan your way to actions and results

Now that Marc-Andre committed to chamber membership, please stay tuned for a special luncheon series lead by Marc-Andre that focuses on the aspects of great leaders of our time.  We expect the series to occur at The Tower Club or the Fairmont Downtown, or at Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas in Las Colinas.  Please stay tuned for valuable information on this series.

Canada and the Artic Region

Canada and the Arctic region

The North is two-fifths of Canada’s land mass and two-thirds of its coastline, constituting an area of 3.5 million square kilometers. 111 700 Canadians live in Canada’s North.
In 2009 the Government of Canada launched the Northern Strategy, followed by the Statement on Canada’s Arctic Foreign Policy in 2010 in order to respond to the opportunities and challenges for the Arctic region. Canada is taking action to advance its interests both domestically and internationally and to help unlock the North’s true potential: exercising sovereignty; promoting economic and social development; protecting our environmental heritage; and improving and devolving Northern governance. To read more, click Canada.

Three Keys to Effective Networking

Irving, TX

Celebrating success at CACC Inaugural Awards Banquet, Dec. 2009

Celebrating success at CACC Inaugural Awards Banquet, Dec. 2009

In an age of social media and online meetings, face-to-face networking opportunities seem to have faded in popularity.  Some find networking groups to lack relevance to their intended purpose for joining networking groups.  However, if you coordinate networking events for a specific group, these three keys will help you and your attendees find rewards that will pay big dividends.

1.  Get involved – Too often attendees at events show up expecting that the event will simply magically unfold and leads will simply fall in their lap. After the event is over, they go home, empty their pocket or purse of businesses cards of new contacts they will likely not call.  As a coordinator get your attendees engaged by who serving as greeters or matchmakers because when attending your networking events they will tend to stay more positive about the group and retain a higher engagement in the activity.

2. Be present – Many groups provide door prizes for their event generated from all their attendees who hope to promote their specific organization.  By bringing a door prize to the event, attendees show a higher commitment to the group.  As a result, providing a door prize, especially something useful or unusual, opens the door for deeper conversations.

In those conversations, be present.  Put away your cell phone, take your blue tooth receiver out of your ear and immerse yourself into the environment.  Nothing is worse than speaking to someone only to have them raise the finger for you to “hold on a sec” while they answer a phone call.  It’s important not to be overly sensitive to this dilemma, however for those who embrace this habit, you may be creating an image of yourself that may be contrary to who you are professionally.  Remember, there are many personality types in the world of networking and several people you meet will have little or no tolerance for being put hold in this way.

Still networking 2014 at various venues in the Dallas area.

Still networking 2014 at various venues in the Dallas area.

3. Create a plan – Do you sit down and list the types of contacts you wish to make at an event?  In attending chambers, BNI’s or other group meetings, putting a list of types of contacts you want to make can help make the event even more successful and yield better results.  Let’s face it, some of us network because it’s expected of us, yet all the while not really understanding what good networking does for us.  So, create a plan.  Did you meet someone last time you’d like to get to know better?  Did you lose a business card of someone who might be able to give you business or partner with you on a project?  Do you know which attendees can open doors for you to discuss viable business opportunities for you?  Are you itching to introduce a colleague to another associate that might share common interests or business needs?  Is there someone I’d like to introduce to another attendee?  I’m sure you can identify at least three other types of leads you need or want to meet.

Remember, effective networking and networking do not necessarily equal each other.  When you come from an event, ask yourself if it was a waste of your time or, did you waste an opportunity?  Business opportunities often occur when attendees engage themselves in positive networking opportunities within the organization, then stay engaged and plan out their expectations.  When those expectations go unfulfilled, speak with the organizer to discuss the shortfalls of the group.  Again, being involved in the constructive criticism aspect of the group shows your leadership, vision and desire to see the group successful and credible.  A little constructive feedback may be just what the group needs to keep networking activities positive, upbeat and bearing fruit.


Veteran CBC broadcaster Knowlton Nash dies at 86 | Entertainment & Showbiz from CTV News

Veteran CBC broadcaster Knowlton Nash dies at 86 | Entertainment & Showbiz from CTV News.

Support the Canadian-American Chamber of Commerce at Earth Day Texas

Earth Day release header

Please join Canadian-American Chamber of Commerce, Boxx Modular, Enbridge and other Chamber members in support of Earth Day Texas 2014 this weekend by visiting our exhibition located in space: 408.


Come celebrate the planet with us April 26-27 at Fair Park. The free festival has attracted more than 150,000 to Fair Park over the last three years and continues to grow as the world’s largest Earth Day celebration.

The event will feature more than 800 engaging exhibits at the Eco Expo, including over 200 businesses, 85 non-profits, 89 academic institutions and 50 government organizations. Attendees can learn cost-saving tips to go green at work, home and play.

Meet national environmental advocates CNN Hero of the Year Chad Pregracke, Ed Begley Jr., and David Mizejewski.

And enjoy tons of family-friendly fun including the Radio Disney Kid’s Zone, The Home Depot Sustainable Home & Garden Series, Texas Music Project, Energy Playground with seesaws and a human hamster wheel, Rocket Electrics Electric Bike Test Rides, and ride-alongs in electric and hybrid vehicles from BMW.

End the weekend with a FREE concert from The Polyphonic Spree at 6 p.m. on Sunday. Pick up wristbands for the concert on Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., in the Earth Day Texas indoor information booths at Fair Park.

For more information, visit our website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and download our iPhone app EDTX Mobile at the App Store.

Canada Pavilion at Earth Day Texas 2014

Irving, TX

earthdaytxThe Canadian-American Chamber of Commerce with its members will present a first ever country pavilion at Earth Day Texas on April 26 and 27, 2014.  Earth Day Texas, which became a statewide celebration of good stewardship of our earth’s natural resources, commences on Saturday, April 26 and ends Sunday, April 27.  This free event continues from 10 Am till 6:00 PM daily.  Click to view the Program Guide.

Earth Day Dallas, in its 43rd year, became Earth Day Texas for 2014 to signify a statewide identification with the responsibility we share in conserving and protecting our natural resources.  Enbridge joined the CACC at the first ever Canada Pavilion to promote their commitment to responsible management of their resources.  Enbridge manages oil pipelines, geothermal energy sites, wind farms and solar power plants across Canada and the U.S.  Boxx Modular will also feature their bio-friendly temporary buildings for offices, classrooms and living quarters during the expo.

For more information on Earth Day Texas, please visit